Oryx Fit Studio

Bollywood Dance


Street Dance


Street dance is a dance style, regardless of country of origin, that evolved dance in any available open space. Our street dance class will teach you different types of dance styles such as; contemporary dance, hip hop, locking…and more.

Afrobeats Dance & Fitness


Afrobeats is a music genre or style which developed out of a combination of West African musical styles, such as Fuji music and highlife incorporating different dance moves.

Afrobeats Fitness is a workout regime that incorporates Afro Dance moves. Workout, burn calories and have fun!

Boot Camp


This is an intense 60 minutes group workout. Our class is designed to build strength, improve cardiovascular health, endurance, core and over all fitness. We do a variety of intense intervals and circuit training using body weight and fitness equipments, such as; TRX, kettlebell, sand bags… It sounds harsh but we do it in a friendly way to push your limit and discover a new you!



BodyART® -is functional-holistic program that will help you improve your daily well-being. We are here to teach you how to treat your body. Aim is to create harmony between body and mind. All exercises are created to combine strength, flexibility and balance. They have a positive effect on stability, coordination, wellbeing and body posture. Focus of this training lies on flowing moments, stretching and relaxation. Muscles will become stronger but muscular tension will be released. Joints will become more mobile and meridians in the body will be improved. With this unique program you will positively affect your vitality in everyday life, your ability to regenerate energy and metal balance will be highly improved



Gentle Yoga:

Yoga is easy and relaxing. This workout is a no experience necessary yoga class that helps you to relieve stress and stretch deeply in an easy manner. Gentle movements synchronized with breath and basic yoga poses that give a very beginner friendly experience. If you are more advanced in yoga you will appreciate the way it makes you feel very relaxed.

Power Yoga:

This physically demanding yoga workout will improve strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and challenges you in all levels.

Hatha Yoga:

Our Trainers will guide you through the most popular yoga poses with rest periods in between. Learn and grow your yoga knowledge! A gentler class that will leave you feeling calm and centered.

Vinyasa Yoga:

You’ll be guided through a yoga class that flows seamlessly from one pose to another, with a special focus on linking movements with breathing. Expect a good, full body workout that will leave you feeling strong and energized.

Swing Yoga


One of the latest innovations in fitness, Swing Yoga combines traditional yoga poses, Pilates and dance with the use of a special kind of hammock. A unique way to stretch and strengthen, improve blood circulation and increase energy levels!



Dance the class away with this aerobic fitness programme inspired by Latin American dance! Get your body moving to some great music and burn a ton of calories without even realising it!



Work against your own body weight with TRX or Total Resistance Exercise, a type of strength training that uses a system of ropes and webbing (suspension trainer). We also offer TRX Rip, which adds a levelled bar and resistance cord to the mix. TRX is a full-body workout that will leave you with a stronger core and improved balance and flexibility.



‘Contact-Combat’ self-defence that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from Aikido, Judo, Boxing and Wrestling, along with realistic fight training. A high intensity workout that will provide you with the tools and techniques to neutralise threats and perform both defensive and offensive manoeuvres like a pro!